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If you have been looking for the perfect home for a while now but are finding that the choices range from grotty "DIY dream" do-ups to pricey places that fall short of your dream, then perhaps it’s time to look at a different approach.

Build, and you can have a home that is customised to your life!

From personal experience; build and you can get a large, brand new home in a good suburban area for the same price as a tiny, do-up unit in Auckland central. Plus it’s an exciting experience that you won’t forget.

So what are some of the pros of building rather than buying an existing dwelling?...

Building new is more than a viable option
Opinion piece by Marc King
Business Development Manager at Key2, New Property Specialists

Building a new home offers a wide range of advantages for you and your family. Here are just a few:

• Choice/Selection/Personalisation: This is the biggest investment you will ever make, so ask yourself, "Why not have my home, my way?"

• Less maintenance: New homes have brand new operating systems, like plumbing, heat pumps, appliances, etc and usually don't require maintenance until years down the road.

• Energy efficient: With the application of new technology such as double glazing, new homes are typically somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40% more energy-efficient!

• Modern convenience and comfort: Face it, your time is valuable. Would you rather spend your weekends doing maintenance – or enjoying your new home? New homes have the latest new appliances, new windows, and new product technologies. With a brand new home, you can experience the benefits of owning items that require little maintenance, while providing you more comfort – so you can enjoy every aspect of your home.

• Built to current codes: Building to current building standards provides an extra layer of protection to ensure that your homes are safe, durable, and meet local building codes especially designed for your area.

• Storage space: In addition to the typically more open floor plans found in newer homes, older homes don’t usually have the closet or storage space offered by a newer design.

• Warranty: You can have peace of mind with manufacturers' warranties for appliances, doors, windows, heat pumps, etc that were all built to last. Most new homes come with a ten (10) year warranty on structural items, backed by nationally recognized Master Builders or Certified Builders.

• Healthier indoor environment: New homes have healthier indoor air quality and can improve your family’s health, especially if they have issues with asthma or allergies. For example, many modern carpets are allergy-free.

• Price: A new home is often no more than a used home and, in the long run, you’ll save $ on energy bills, operating costs, and maintenance while you live there!

• Enhanced electrical systems for today’s lifestyles: With the significant increase in our reliance on technology in the home we need our homes to be able to cope with those demands. Many of the electrical systems found in older homes are simply not sophisticated enough to handle today’s modern technology.

The fact that you are the only person who has ever lived in this home creates a special feeling of pride; it’s yours and yours alone…built for you…to your specifications. ENJOY!!

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