Be aware that some of the new rules under the Unitary Plan are already being applied when people are seeking consent to build on or develop land.

One important example is that there are now a substantial number of sites, including seemingly standard residential properties, throughout Greater Auckland that have recently been deemed ‘sites of significance’ or ‘sites of value’ to Mana Whenua.

What does this mean for you?

Case study: During the process of assisting a client in its development plans, it was revealed that as part of its resource consent, the client will now need to engage with local Mana Whenua for their approval and also invite them to oversee the excavation work for the development when only a few months ago this was not necessary. 

A potentially costly and worrying complication.

The client purchased the bare land several months ago and at the time of their purchase they checked with the Council for any information on the property file and there was nothing unusual noted. 

Since the purchase however, a plan change has been notified under the new Unitary Plan which now makes the property a ‘site of value to Mana Whenua’. 

If you are considering undertaking any type of property development or building, we urge you to check the property on the Auckland Council Unitary Plan GIS viewer which shows how the unitary plan will affect your property.

Even if you are buying a section in a residential subdivision that already has a number of properties completed, this does not mean you can assume that your Council consent process will be as straightforward, because the other properties would likely not have been affected by these new changes.

You can check how the unitary plan is going to affect your property here.

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