Buying a property

So, you are looking to buy a property. Buying a house or commercial property can be very exciting, but can also be stressful. The search process in itself can be frustrating with a lot of competition for good properties. This is where we come in. We aim to give you an advantage over other buyers and our top priority is to make sure that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.


At The Property Practice, we like to do things efficiently but also properly without cutting corners; to ensure that you are protected from any nasty surprises. We take control of the complex matters so you don’t have to – because life is already complicated enough! Our fees for conveyancing include a full legal service - unlike other seemingly cheaper options which involve extra fees to check documents such as the LIM or interests registered on the Title, which are important to check. When you instruct us to act as part of our commercial or residential conveyancing service, we also undertake an examination of your circumstances to ensure you have structured your purchase in the best way possible, have all the legal protection required and that you are fully advised of any relevant matters relating to your purchase such as any Relationship Property implications, for example. You can order our services as outlined below or feel free to contact us directly to discuss your situation.

TLC Report

One of our lawyers will check over all the legal information about a property including the Title, Council LIM, and the Agreement to buy/sell the property, and will then put all the important information into our TLC Report in every-day, uncomplicated language so you can see that everything is in order with the property, from a legal perspective…Learn more

Buyer Pre-signing Agreement Check

Our property lawyers will thoroughly check the draft Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Property before you sign to ensure the agreement is sound doesn’t contain any clauses that may unnecessarily disadvantage you…Learn more

Preparation of Draft Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Property

If you have found a property you would like to buy we can prepare a draft Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Property…Learn more

Residential and Commercial Conveyancing

If you have signed an agreement to purchase a property we can act on your behalf to transfer the legal title of the property into your name or that of your chosen party…Learn more

Assistance for Overseas Buyers

If you are not a New Zealand citizen or resident but are looking to buy property within New Zealand, or an ex-pat looking to buy while based overseas, we can provide expert assistance…Learn more

Next Steps

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Already have a signed agreement to purchase a house?

If you have signed an agreement to purchase a house, click on the Order Conveyancing Services button to the right to have us act for you on the purchase (also called conveyancing), or contact us directly if you wish to discuss your purchase. We also suggest that you download our Process Diagrams (click on the images below) for detailed information about the buying process.

Purchasing by auction?

Have a look at our Process Diagram which outlines the process of buying a house by auction. When you are bidding at auction, you bid unconditionally and so if you win, you can’t pull out at a later date if a problem arises. A thorough check of the legal documents before you bid is recommended.

To make things easy we offer a TLC Report which includes these checks - including a review of the LIM, Title and Auction Terms & Conditions.

Purchasing by negotiation?

Have a look at our Process Diagram which outlines the process of buying a house by negotiation. Please note that an Agreement for Sale and Purchase is a legally binding document that, once signed, cannot be changed without the consent of both parties.

When making an offer, we urge you to have your agreement checked before you sign it. We can also prepare an Agreement for Sale and Purchase if required.

Purchasing by tender?

If you are considering putting a tender in on a property, please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Contact Us

If you have a question for one of our property lawyers or would like to get in touch, please visit our contact page.

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