A lease of premises is in many cases a pivotal element to the existence, operation and success of a business. Taking on a lease is also a big, ongoing financial commitment for most businesses, whether small or large and lease documentation will usually be relied on for a number of years. It may also play a significant part if you go to sell your business at any point in the future. 

There will be many different and often conflicting considerations when looking at premises to lease. There are practical considerations such as location, size, building condition, cost, further fit-out requirements, appropriate length of term and rights of renewal...etc plus many other detailed considerations. We can ensure you have taken these relevant factors into account before you enter into an agreement to lease.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular requirements in more detail or have any questions. 


In the prevailing economic climate with regulatory compliance costs increasing and tenant businesses that may be struggling and more demanding, it is vital for landlords to recognise and protect their interests and to be strategic and proactive in relation to both the management of their buildings and tenant relationships in order to maximise return on investment and ensure successful tenant relationships. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide added value and certainty to landlord clients with our use of leasing management software that goes beyond the level of service that is traditionally offered by law firms. We actively monitor due dates for upcoming lease events for all of our clients to ensure that the ongoing administration of leases is timely, effective and cost-efficient. All of our lease documentation is securely stored online and easily accessible which leaves you more time to get on with more interesting stuff! 

 Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular requirements in more detail or have any questions. 

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