We offer a comprehensive and personalised service that deals with your refinancing requirements efficiently yet properly without cutting corners. If you are considering refinancing, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or go to our Refinancing Order Form if you would like us to act for you on your refinancing.

Refinancing is where you replace your mortgage (or business loan) with an alternative one (either with the same lender or a different one) which has better terms for you.

There are numerous different reasons why you might consider Refinancing including:

  • 1. To take advantage of better interest rates;
  • 2. To consolidate debts into a single loan;
  • 3. To reduce your monthly repayments and have a longer term structured mortgage;
  • 4. To reduce/alter risk;
  • 5. To increase borrowing and/or free up cash.

We find that people often tend to stay with the same lender simply because this is easier. However with a little research and negotiation, you may find that you can secure a deal that either saves you money over the long term or is better structured to suit your lifestyle/requirements, or does both!

See our Process Diagram explaining how Refinancing works.


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